Terms & Conditions

Terms of use

1. Since all products are electronic and used once in the account, the products are not refunded or replaced after payment and receipt

2 - The site is not responsible for any technical problems in the client machine or the occurrence of a programming error or similar, the customer must ascertain the requirements of the game before buying

3 - The responsibility of the site ends when the code is activated in the account and activated

4- The customer is given a guarantee on the game for life

5 - the customer read the details of each product well and make sure that they match the request, can not return or change a product in any form after sending

6. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice

7 - When a problem in the code or activation of the game or wrong code please notify us within 14 days of delivery, the site is not responsible for the delay in the customer to retrieve the product in his account

8. When there is an error in the code, the client must wait for 24 - 72 hours until the problem is resolved

9 - The site is not responsible for the participation of the client to the symbols or similar to another party

10. The site is entitled to refund the amount to the customer if the payment process is suspicious in accordance with the nature of the work of the site, without mentioning the reason for the client